Sunday, 5 April 2009

Going to the doctors

So I'm off to see my GP tomorrow (if I can get an appointment), I've had some weird breathing problem since last week - I can't seem to catch my breath. Anyway, I was reading a thread on new media medicine about how to approach doctors appointments - whether to mention my nearly medical student-ness and whether i should play dumb or suggest possible causes for my problems. I don't know, I don't want to sound like an idiot with medical student syndrome but I don't want them to miss the point of my visit. I think I'll just go along and see what happens.

I never seem to have much luck when I go to the doctors, up until I was about 21 they kept telling me that my leg pains were 'growing pains' - i think that at 21, I should have stopped growing (even though I'm only 5'2"). It turns out that I'm hypermobile so that's why I have random aches and pains. It just seems that the doctors stop listening after a while and its frustrating to think that they might have missed something.

Nevermind, it can't be that serious or I'd be a bit 'bluer' by now!

See you later.

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