Thursday, 9 April 2009

Woo! It's nearly Easter!

Sorry, I probably shouldn't get so excited about Easter, but there's chocolate and a whole 4 days off work!

In other news, my doc said I have a chest infection. I've got a weeks worth of amoxicillin to take. I don't know whether its the gelatin in the capsule, but my cat keeps trying to eat the tablets. I hope the infection starts to clear up soon, my back and chest is really starting to hurt when i breath.

More news - Molly's coming!! (Molly is my niece) she is coming to stay with us for a few days next weekend, we were going to be doing some decorating but I'm not sure its a good idea to teach a 2 year old how to paint the walls, I don't think her mother would be impressed! I thought I would post another picture of her because (as I mentioned in my other post) she is a cutie - even when her hair is a mess!

Anyway, I'm off now, Happy Easter egg hunting!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009


I did manage to get an appointment to see my gp yesterday, he pretty much sent me straight to the hospital. So after a day on the emergency admissions ward, d dimer, chest x ray, ecg, a (really painful) clexane injection and v/q scan - I can safely say that I don't have a pulmonary embolism!

What I don't know is the why I still can't breath properly! I thought maybe it was anxiety but on thinking about it - I'm not really anxious about anything. Any other ideas? I'm gonna go back to see the doc on thursday for round 2 - hopefully he'll figure something out because I'm knackered after 5 days of laboured breathing!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Going to the doctors

So I'm off to see my GP tomorrow (if I can get an appointment), I've had some weird breathing problem since last week - I can't seem to catch my breath. Anyway, I was reading a thread on new media medicine about how to approach doctors appointments - whether to mention my nearly medical student-ness and whether i should play dumb or suggest possible causes for my problems. I don't know, I don't want to sound like an idiot with medical student syndrome but I don't want them to miss the point of my visit. I think I'll just go along and see what happens.

I never seem to have much luck when I go to the doctors, up until I was about 21 they kept telling me that my leg pains were 'growing pains' - i think that at 21, I should have stopped growing (even though I'm only 5'2"). It turns out that I'm hypermobile so that's why I have random aches and pains. It just seems that the doctors stop listening after a while and its frustrating to think that they might have missed something.

Nevermind, it can't be that serious or I'd be a bit 'bluer' by now!

See you later.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Any boy scouts around?

I'm trying to light the fire. It's not going well! We have no firelighters so I'm trying to do it with newspaper and candlewax, it would be ok if we had some sticks but we don't. I'm not hopeful that it'll work. I'm not in the mood to walk to the shop - it's 3 miles away! I need to go outside now and get some fresh air because my lungs are filled with crap. I'm complaining now, but you watch - in September when I've moved out I'll miss the coal fire!