Sunday, 29 March 2009

Open day

Went to a post offer open day yesterday, it was really good to meet the people who I'll hopefully be studying with come September and it was nice that the staff and current students made a real effort to try to impress us. I've already put that choice as my firm on ucas, so unless something horrible shows up on my occupational health or crb checks then I'm definitely going there. It was a good day.

I'm not a fan of Chinese food or loud music, but I'm still glad I went out to the social night as well. I thought it was really funny - people finding out who I am on nmm and being able to put faces to the other user names. It got to about half 12 and I wanted to go back to where i was staying, but I couldn't find anyone to get a taxi with me, so I ended up getting the bus - I'm not used to being able to do that, where I live there's a bus that goes past my house twice a day and no buses run at all at night so if you want to go out anywhere then you have to drive (or get a lift).

I went on the bus to the halls after the open day - I wasn't impressed with them to be honest. For £73 a week, you expect a bit more than 7 people cramped into a tiny corridor with a kitchen on the end. I think I'm gonna look out for private accommodation. But again - that has its own problems: who am I gonna live with? It seemed a bit wierd to organise to houseshare with people that I only just met. Any ideas?

Anyway, I'm off to take the dog for a walk up the lane. See you later.


  1. Hahaha its the same in London, but for £173 a week instead.

  2. u must live in the most expensive halls ever...