Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Bad day.

Hey, just a short post - I really need to have a little vent. Have you ever had those days where lots of little bad things build up over the day until you realise that you're really pretty pissed off and upset about them? That's kind of how my day is going, nothing majorly bad has happened but I still want to curl up in a corner and cry for a bit.

I found out that I failed my clinical reasoning exam - I'm not cut up about it because it was the first one and I wasn't expecting to do well.

My mum is thiking of moving house during the week before I finish for Easter, this probably makes perfect sense to her but it means that I won't get a chance to visit the house again before she moves and I'm kind of attached to that house. (I know it sounds like a silly little thing but combined with other stuff, it's making me sad).

I'm getting fed up with the gossipy-ness of some people on the course, I know stuff like that is hard to avoid with only 90ish people in the year but I'm fed up of feeling like I'm in a fish bowl. There are some things that I don't want to have to tell everyone but if I don't then they will think it's ok to keep gossiping about my private life. This is the one I'm upset about most, it doesn't help that I can't really talk to people about it without explaining some crap things from my past and that will just upset me. :-(

It's getting to the end of the module and we have more exams coming up so I think I'm just tired and letting little things get at me. Roll on Easter, 3 weeks 'off' (well, I'm gonna have to do some revision for the summer exams but at least I won't be learning anything new for a bit!).

Turned out that it wasn't a short post after all, but I feel better. Thanks for reading.

See you soon. :-)


  1. Hope you feel better tomorrow :)
    Keep up the blogging - your posts are great

  2. Being on a course with well over 300 people means it easier to escape gossip, plus theres the fact there's always some new to meet (even after a couple of years)

    With regards to houses, thats not silly at all. I am quite sad that I dont really have any time off my course noe so I only get to spend two/three days at home max - know its not the same though

  3. Hope its gotten better, and looking forward to hear from you soon!

  4. Take it easy, life is getting better!