Saturday, 29 August 2009


I'm unpacking the big box of leaving goodies that I got from work yesterday - there's loads of stuff!! Thanks guys! I was really sad when I got home yesterday, I don't have a job anymore - it's wierd!

I was supposed to be sorting things out that I need to pack, but I've been procrasitinating all morning. Also, I just joined the BMA and the MDU, I almost feel like a medical student now. Ooh, and I got my welcome guide from my university through the post, exciting stuff!

Oops, I just realised it's raining and I've left the dog outside in the garden. I'd better go and get him. Hehe.


  1. Aww best of look, it most feel brilliant to be finally starting med school. You could always pack like a 2nd year ie the night before.

    Try not take to much I did last year and just looked like an idiot moving in!

  2. Hehe, hopefully I wont look like an idiot - I'll be the first moving in to my house! (And I'm going in the car so there is a limit on the amount of stuff I can take).