Sunday, 15 February 2009

UCAS track addiction

So even though I've already got an offer for med school, I find myself with a strange compulsion to check track every couple of hours. You see, I had an interview at St Georges, University of London in January and the offers are due to be given out any day now. I practically did no work on Thursday and Friday because of my track and new media medicine addiction. It seems that it was all rejections, so hopefully offers will start coming in tomorrow. The thing is, even if I did get an offer, I have my heart set on the other university.

I keep telling myself that if I did get an offer and then I turned it down, that someone from the waiting list will get my place. But I cant help but feel guilty for not withdrawing sooner. If I had withdrawn, then someone who's been rejected would have got onto the waiting list (and a deferred place for next year). I just feel a bit selfish, wanting to be able to decline an offer. So, (to whoever needs to hear this) - I'm sorry for taking your chance!


  1. Nothing wrong with wanting the opportunity to decline an offer! I refused to accept my offer for Glasgow until I'd had a decision from Warwick GEP, just because I wanted to be able to say no to somebody. After all, everyone else had said it to me often enough, over the years!

    Do you mind if I link to your blog?

  2. not at all, ive been following your blog for a few weeks aswell. :)

    thats exactly why i didnt withdraw my sgul application - i wanted the opportunity to decline their (possible) offer. but when i saw all those people getting rejections, i couldnt help but feel guilty.

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